Supporting zec-qt-wallet and an iOS Reference Wallet


Ah right, I think that’s what the classic confinement is for but I think that’s more involved as requires manually checking each release before it is released or some such.


Just sent the Spanish translation, looking forward to the next update :slight_smile:

If anyone else is thinking of volunteering to translate its really not that hard, only took a couple of hours.


Do you have somebody working in the French version already ? If not, I can spend a few hours on this…


Oh fantastic. We’d love a french translation.

The French tranlation file is here:

You can edit the .ts file directly (It’s just an XML file), or you can download QLinguist, which provides a nice UI for translating:

Let me know if you have any questions!


While doing this translation exercise, it made me think of the following: My mother wouldn’t be able to use this software. It’s probably not your first aim neither, but I was wondering if it could be an idea for the future to make a super simple interface, with “simple” words / mums vocabulary…

People don’t like change… the software should therefore maybe adapt to that public…


Me personally totally agrees to this. It’'s even one of the points i think why many people aren’t going any deeper into crypto.

Let’s be honest. QT-wallets are often, even for us that daily use them, really hard to keep updated, figure out all functions, use them, and and and. …

I think exactly this is one of the reasons why Electroneum/ETN has that many wallets, it’s easy as hell to use their web wallet.

  • First hit a button on what to do: Send, Check, whatever,
  • If you send, the next window opens asking for the receivers wallet adress.
  • Ones this is confirmed by the user, the Payment ID must be entered (even not needed in ZEC!).
  • After you confirm the previous step you get the next window where you are asked what amount to send.
  • Next one is an overview of the transaction where you confirm everything is ok and right.
  • Last step is to confirm the transaction with the PIN.

Easy as hell step by step go through on this web wallet and i’am pretty sure we can/should have something similar, be it a web wallet where the user holds the keys or such kind of desktop app or wallet.

Just as a side note. First time, long time ago, when i first saw the ZEC wallet i just closed it and left it aside as it was too much hazzle for me. The current QT wallet is a huge improvement in my opinion and a step into the right direction. But we can do better, pretty sure. The more easy things are, the more chances are someone gets a ZEC lover, fan and user… Just my personal opinion of course.


I have time those days…
would it be any benefit for anybody to give some user interfaces layout proposals that I believe my mum would understand ?

It’s free … :slight_smile:

PS: I so think the the zec-qt-wallet is a great app for experienced users !


You’re both, of course right in that the UI is geared towards more advanced users for ZEC today. The plan was to create a “power tool” first, so that experienced users can get comfortable using it, and over time move to more simpler interfaces. After all, zec-qt-wallet is only 2 months old, so we have a long way to go.

I think the next step should be a mobile wallet. Most non-advanced users are familiar with how to use apps, and we can model the mobile interfaces around simple-to-use interfaces and abstract away all the complexity.

The Android reference app designs from zCash Co. are pretty cool already, and the light wallet interface is promising towards creating simpler interfaces.


@adityapk00 Thanks for the zec-qt-wallet! I’m using it on Mac v 0.5.5 and loving it. It’s a great early release and very usable.

Question (maybe this has been answered, but I didn’t see it):
When I created the wallet, I didn’t set any password (that I can remember at least). Is the wallet.dat stored unencrypted? Or how is it protected if someone gained control of my computer. Want to make sure I have some protection from losing funds!

For backup of my keys, if there’s some sort of seed like I’ve gotten from other wallets that would be great. That way I only need to backup one thing once, then I have it for recovery. If I’m using a new address each time and need to export the key for each, then it becomes a little laborious keeping everything backed up.

Thanks again!


Hi @ericreid9

Thanks for using zec-qt-wallet!

  1. Your wallet is indeed stored unencrpted. Unfortunately this is a limitation of zcashd (the server software), so if someone gains access to your computer, you are indeed right - They might be able to get your funds.

  2. With the backup seed - Again, unfortunately the underlying zcashd doesn’t support a “seed phrase”, except if you are using the sapling addresses (The addresses starting with “zs”). If you are using “t” addresses or “zc” (old-style sprout) addresses, you’ll have to backup your wallet.dat if you use a new address each time.

I understand both these are frustrating limitations, and I understand the zcashd folks are working to get this fixed up, which I expect will happen soon.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks for using zec-qt-wallet!


Thanks @adityapk00 for the answers! Seems for now I don’t feel comfortable enough storing funds. One wrong malware and all my coins are gone. Once my wallet.dat can be protected somehow, then will be great being able to store some funds using it.

That’s great for the Sapling addresses! I have been experimenting with them and so far work quite well. How can I export the backup seed? I see “Export Private Key” but it’s different for each zs address.

Thanks again and appreciate all your hard work!


For “zs” addresses, it is enough to backup the wallet.dat, which contains the HD keys. If you want to see the key itself, you’ll have to use the command line option

zcash-cli dumpwallet which will dump the HD key into the specified file.


:+1::+1:Thanks @adityapk00!


More or less by accident i came across an interesting wallet. In my opinion this is so far the best most userfriendly desktop wallet i have seen by a given coin.

It’s a gui one, but it has a superb install setup approach, interesting features and i think easy to use for not that technical experienced users. I’am posting this here so maybe @adityapk00 can get some more ideas for our ZEC wallet and make it more userfriendly and/or secure as well.

It’s a real small project, no competitor so i hope it’s ok to post this link here to another crytpo and i’am NOT advertising this coin, just their desktop wallet catched my eye.


Thanks for pointing this out, @boxalex. I’ll check it out and see if there are any ideas we can borrow.


@sonya , @adityapk00

Just went to the Zcash homepage to see the how the wallet download page looks and thought i will make some suggestions:

1.) I see the wallets are listed in alphabetical order under “popular wallets”. I think our ZEC QT wallet deserves a better place and should not be under popular wallets, but under “official wallet” as an inhouse product. And of course to favour it versus the other 3rd party wallets. This would help making it more popular, get more downloads and should be in the interess of ZEC.

2.) Adding another column to the specications about the possible OS supported for all these wallets listed there. For example adding for the ZEC QT wallet: Win, Linus, Mac while for the Coinomi one “Android” as an example.

3.) Direct download link for the newest ZEC Qt version. From own experience i know that being directed to the gifthub page isn’t really comfortable for users unfamilar with gifthub. Even for me which has digged in gifthub often it’s still hard from time to time to navigate there. As it’s the official wallet announced on the official homepage of ZEC i think a direct download link will be help a lot of users. With an additional link to the gifthub page for users that prefer gifthub. Shouldn’t be a big deal but will help users in my opinion.

4.) Review of the private key control for ALL the popular wallets managed there. As i’am an exodus user as well for some currencies to it’s easyness, especially the erc tokens, i was not able to find a private key for the ZEC adress there, but on the ZEC homepage wallet page it’s mentioned that the user has private key control, this seems not to be true!!! Might appear as well to some other of these wallets like jaxx. No idea there as i have never checked these.

5.) Wallets with shielded transactions, ZEC qt and WinZec, i think both deserve a better mention of this feature on the wallet page. Eventually making the cross of the unsupported wallets RED instead of grey or on some other way.

6.) Eventually adding the free HDD space needed to each wallet so the user is aware if a given wallet fits his needs and to ensure the user has enough free spece available.

Just some suggestions to consider to make the ZEC qt wallet more popular and give it the attention it deserves and as well help the average joe user to choose the best wallet and get them the easiest possible access to these.

Sidenote: On another topic a user asked about a video on how to use the QT wallet. I think this is a good idea. Or at least a detailed step by step guide with pictures from download, over installation to how to use it what help many unfamilar with qt wallets as well in my opinion.


image image


Are you talking about the page on the company’s website? cc @paige

@kek a video showing basic usage is a great idea! @adityapk00 or I will address that eventually… we both have other priorities on our plates.

If anyone else is interested in making a tutorial video for zec-qt-wallet, contact me — We’d be happy to pay some amount, although not market-standard pro video rates.


sorry for bringing you always up @garethtdavies, but the tutorials you’ve done for winzec we’re top notch. Hope this might interest you! Voice superbbb!