Supporting zec-qt-wallet and an iOS Reference Wallet


Indeed this website is run by Zcash Company. Thanks for the feedback. I personally agree that ZEC-qt needs more prevalence there but note that it is not the official Zcash reference client. I think there’s a way we can call it out as being a Foundation supported client, though. And what is called “official” might be due for review as well given the growing resources of the Foundation and our interest in shared responsibilities.

I’ll pass this info to the Company comms team for review!


Thx for considering it and forwarding it for review.

About official. Sure, official can have many meanings, agreed. But in this case we could apply several of the meanings to the ZEC qt wallet:

  • officially ZEC funded
  • officially supported
  • officially suggested
  • “privileged” or “preferable” could as well be options in case zcash does not want to use “official”.

Just thinking about it, i miss as well a paper wallet in the Zcash wallet selection. While i’am personally NOT a fan of it i know a lot of people that prefer especially paper wallets.

Just some suggestions to improve the wallet situation a bit and give the QT wallet more attention.


Zcash company != Zcash foundation

Edit: i do see it the same way you see it (more exposure for qt could only be positive)

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For those not subscribed to the Zcash Foundation mailing list check this latest update :clap:

I’m definitely in agreement with this. Are there plans for a standalone website for zec-qt-wallet for downloads and maybe expanded documentation?


How about hosting it on instead of standalone? Adds credibility/trust & thats important for a wallet - plus the Foundation is funding it already…


Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Building a standalone website is definitely on my radar. I actually started down the path, and have an incomplete one in the repo (, but other priorities came up before that.

I will get back to the website in a couple of weeks, once my current project (Announcement coming next week :slight_smile: ) is out.


I think the issue with the terminology “Official” is that it can only be official if it has been made, audited, tested, and will be supported in the future by Zcash Company.

ZcashQT is a great project by an independent developer who has received support from Zcash Foundation. But to call it “Official” anything would imply to users that it’s as secure and has gone through the same amount of testing and development that the official Linux client has been through. If something goes wrong with ZcashQT, Zcash Company won’t be the one troubleshooting any issues.

I agree listing it on the Zcash Company website would be good but it should be labeled as what it is: a third party wallet supported by the Zcash Foundation.


do we have a video on how to use the QT wallet yet?

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Just following up. Latest release of zec-qt-wallet allows you to pick a data dir.

Sorry it took so long :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you can only select it if you’re starting fresh (i.e., don’t have a datadir already), because it was too complicated to “move” the huge folder if you already have the blockchain downloaded.

Of course, you can do it manually and set the datadir, but that’s too complex for new users, so I thought doing it on a fresh install would be a good compromise.

Thanks for the original idea!


Not yet, actively talking about it with prospects now though :slight_smile:


Thx a lot for including the data dir path selection. It really helps a lot of users, even later when they are looking for the data dir folder us many users are not aware how to get access to the %appdata% folder which naturally is hidden in the explorer.

What’s next on the to do list?

And good job @adityapk00


Another idea for you :wink:

Now the Android app is out, could the desktop wallet be tweaked to work with a headless node?

I connected the app to my wallet via a vnc session, but it’d be nice if the wallet could run as a daemon that services an existing app/wormhole connection - so no gui & no need to run vnc with an open wallet.

This would be useful to me as my node lives on headless mining rig, perhaps a common setup.

Regards from Chile