Suprnova's ZCash Pool

Hi guys, just created acc and can not add my wallet addres.. "Failed to update your account: Address is already in use" The problem is that I never used this address, so it can not be used. Any suggestions without creating new wallet acc?

How long or how many coins can I keep on suprnova? is there any limit?

I would not recommend leaving your coins on the pool. You should be moving your funds from the pool as soon as possible.

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There's no limit, but I also don't recommend leaving any coins on the pool. Put them into your wallet, that's where they belong

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Which wallet would you recommend?

Im lost I Set up slush pool

no idea what I’m doing

Thanks for the help

Try removing "stratum+tcp://" from the front of Server:Port

That worked thanks so much. What does the number of threads do. Should I leave it at 4?

That's how many threads on your CPU you want to use. You're aware that CPU mining isn't going to garner very much in the way of profits though I'm hoping? You won't even make enough to cover the cost of power to run that computer.

I have the 2.9ghz quad code with 460 Radeon . I heard the new version of mac miner can do gpu

Quad-core or not, your CPU will be lucky to break 10 H/s. It's going consume more power and probably generate more heat than what you'll make off of it. Your 460 might hit 100 H/s if you're super lucky and the mining software is optimized. So let's say you're super lucky and you're able to hit 110 H/s. Compare that to most recent GPU's ADM's x70's or x80's which do 250-300+ H/s or nVidia's 10x0's which range from 250-750+ H/s.

Now throw in that network hashrate which is currently sitting at around 235 MH/s (which is 235459528 H/s) and you can quickly see how little you're going to gain. You're now losing money yearly depending on the price of your electricity. If you pay 0 for electricity, you're literally looking at a profit of a whopping $194/year at current hashrate, difficulty and price.

You would be better off buying ZEC directly rather than mining it. Here's a good ZEC profitability calculator:

Ya definetly i was getting 25 so thought it was pretty good. I just think it's fun to let it run for a bit. I have a 250gh/s asic miner coming so that will be a beast.

Our electricity is 0.03kw/h

By all means, dip the toes. Have fun with it :slight_smile: There are just too many people who believe they're going to make boatloads of money CPU mining or mining with hashrates under several hundred. So I just want to make sure you know what you're getting into and where your expectations should be :slight_smile:

I really appreciate that. If you had 1500 bucks kicking around what would you set up for a rig to mine altcoins .

That's hard to predict right now because of GPU shortages and inflated prices. Most of nVidia's offerings are pretty solid for Zcash mining while AMD's are better suited for ETH mining. Of course, either can be used for both but the mining software has been optimized for each side pretty well.

The 1070's were good sweet spot a couple of months ago but now they're pricing is inflated by $50-100 and there were shortages. The 1060's have seen the same price inflation and shortage. The 1080's and 1080 Ti's are really expensive but do give good hashrate. Some examples:

1060's give around 290-320 H/s
1070's give around 400-470 H/s
1080's give around 600-650 H/s
1080 Ti's give around 700-750 H/s

The higher numbers are from overclocking of course. Stock averages might be a little lower than the lowest number giver or take. I have around 2.1 KH/s and at current rates make around $290/month. As opposed to the $500/month I was making before this last drop in price.

That's pretty good numbers . Do you have an open mining rig or just a tower running dual cards?

Right now I have 6 cards spread out between 3 towers. I'm just waiting for risers to come. I have an older style mining rig rack that I bought used and the newest tower I built will be disassembled and put into the rack when my risers come. My 3 1070's will go into it first. I may attempt to add my 2 RX 570's to the same rig and see if I can get them to play nice all together. :slight_smile:

My goal was to put together an 8x1070 rig but then the prices of the 1070's started going up. I'm hoping they'll come down within the next couple of months and I'll buy some more. If that doesn't pan out, I'm hoping the mining specific GPU's might become available to me at a reasonable price :slight_smile:

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Same, ordered since June 23 from China :neutral_face: