Temperature inquiry

So I have my first rig set up and doing some test runs on different pools to fine tune things and where I feel most comfortable mining. During these test runs, I'm noticing that my 4 GPU's sit at around 70 C ~3 C. So I was curious...should I be concerned about these temperatures? Even with running multiple days, they don't break the 73 C mark (except for one but it's the problem child and it just hits 74 C max).

I do plan in the near future to revamp the whole setup, including airflow, to help alleviate the higher temperatures, but I'd rather hold off (for multiple reasons) for the time being IF these current temperatures are nothing to sweat about in the short term.

Thank you for the help in advance! <3

Anywhere in the 70's C, especially lower 70's, is ok and quite normal when mining.

Once GPUs start getting into the 80's does it start to get worrying and you may want to clean them if its been awhile and/or try to get more airflow to your rigs.

If they get into the 90's, this is the danger zone and you need to start addressing the problem. At this point you need to look at increasing GPU spacing, cleaning out dust, relocating the rig, etc.

So even your one "problem child" 74 C GPU is quite normal and cool for a GPU that is basically running all out.

The only time I can run my GPUs much lower is in the cooler months and then they still hover in the 60 C range, so low 70's is by all means very good during the summertime.

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Amazing, thank you so much for your assistance and further information You put my mind at ease. :smile: