How to check GPU temp of mining rig?

I have mining rig consist of 5 AMD raedon card. they run 24 h producing good result. But it’s producing immense heat and i’m worried about it.
so is there any software to check CPU temp
also i would like to ask what is the best GPU temperature range for mining?

I don’t have AMD cards and never had, but only Nvidia’s. But i doubt there is a difference at all. The software for the card itself should show you the temperature of the gpu’s.

I mnean if you mine with cards you should underclock them anyway with given software, be it with MSI afterburner, AMD overdrive, GPU-Z or any other of the overclock/underclock gpu software. Each of these will show you the temperature as well.

I personal prefer to run them in the 55C-65C range, but they can take 80C as well if needed but i personally wouldn’t go higher. But that’s just me, everybody has it’s own preferences here i guess. Just posting mine so can compare a bit…


they mining software you are running usually tells you the temp… what are you using?

also try speccy from

I prefer less than 70C as well to keep it under good condition.