Miner since 24H ago.. Is this ok?

Hello fellow miners, im just started mining since 24 hours ago (4 x GTX1070, free electricity) and i would be glad if you can answer my newbies question…

  1. What are optimal mining temperature? for the longevity of cards and optimum return.My ambient is 25-40 Celcius through the day.
  2. What is the best pool to use? I only learn to use Flypool.
  3. Best wallet or exchange? i use Bittrex, i heard (googled) Poloniex is better but my friend strongly suggest Bittrex, i dunno why lol.
  4. On Flypool, the graph fluctuates too much, sometimes drops to 1.5kH, even after 24 hours, is this normal?
  5. Should i blast my gpu fan speed to max speed to keep my card as cool as possible?
  6. Refer picture below. Are these settings good? Should i undervolt or overvolt? Any of those number is over or under? like memory clock, core clock and etc. Also, should i unlocked the core voltage? if so, what do i do?

Thanks guys.

  1. So long as your temps stay below 85C, you’re generally okay. Heat going up and down constantly kills GPUs, not constant heat. Those ambient temps are high though.

  2. Doesn’t make much of a difference, I’ve had great luck with flypool, may as well stick to it.

  3. I use Jaxx but I’m a really small-time miner so I’m not the person to ask.

  4. This is completely normal, as long as the variance isn’t too much.

  5. This is a good idea if noise is a concern, however, GPU fans can fail so be careful here. Make sure you can get extra GPU fan replacements for your cards, and stock up on them now just in case.

  6. Undervolt until it becomes unstable.

If this PC is only going to be mining, I suggest moving it back to Windows 7 from Windows 10. Performance is basically the same, and it won’t auto-update while you’re away…

If you want to shut off auto updaing and are on Windows 10 Pro (only Pro or higher), go to Services and disable Windows Update. NB: Since W10 is free and Pro is free, never to require a paid license if you don’t want, go pro…

BTW, you can get W10 Pro OEM keys for cheap on ebay:


Invest in a 20 dollar box fan from Walmart (if they are where you are) and put it on your miner to keep the air moving. The lower the temps the better.

I use Cryptonator for my ZEC mining activity. I suppose I could use Bittrex. I’m on Flypool and it’s been good for me.

How does one undervolt a video card? It’s something I’d like to do as my power isn’t free :confused:

[quote=“phakov, post:3, topic:19524”]
(only Pro or higher)
[/quote] Not only Pro but since XP at least

You can lower the TDP and edit frequency/voltage curve with MSI Afterburner

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Hey, I have the same concern regarding the overclock! I started mining a week ago and I have been using an overclock setting a friend suggested, but still I have my doubts! can you please tell me if it’s ok? (also gpu’s temperatures are between 69-76 C)

And if not can you please suggest a stable and gpu-friendly overclock setting considering also the fact that I have free power? I will leave for a week and let my rig mine in the meantime, and some help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Thanks for the input… about the undervolt, when i go low, the hash rate is also significantly low, the temps are lower too… my main concern is about the temps actually…

is there anything i can do the reduce the temperature without sacrificing the hash rate?

From the red box, all need to be disabled? From the red box, i only disabled the widows update…

That is serious overclocking… somehow im a little bit scared to max fan and tdp as i read somewhere that it might reduce the card lifespan…

Btw, how manu sols u getting per card?

And around 2500 Sols/s in total with the default values of Msi Afterburner!

Thats a bit strange based on your sols… i think my overclock setting are lower than yours, but i got around 470 sols per card… maybe its different 1070 brand than mine…

why dont you try my afterburner setting, might lower your temperature, maybe…

The only thing I can think of is a more aggressive fan curve, or run the case open air (without side panels.)

What do your temps look like?

It didn’t seem all right to me either and I really don’t want to reduce the lifespan of my cards for just 300 sols/s! Mine are Asus Turbo! I will try and check the results!

Haha, my case is open air, no side or top panel, cards are around 5-7 cm from each other… i live in tropical climate…

Temperature is around 60-66 C…
Nighttime : TDP 100%, + 80 core clock, 1900+ sols
Daytime : TDP 80-85%, +50 core clock, 1800+ sols, sometimes drops to 1700+…

What about the core voltage? Does it have effect on hashrate? I cant move the slider…

These are my results with your clock! not nearby your 480 sols/s per video card! What brand do your gtx 1070 are?

I use Gigabyte, 3 G1, 1 winforce oc, basically the same…

i dont know what to say dude, maybe the factory clock set it lower or something… but hey, 6 cards is better than 4 cards…

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I started with eth since yesterday with 3 out of 7 cards directly on the mb waiting for risers from china
I’ll try ZEC after the first payout

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Cool psu dude, that is the psu that i was planning to buy, until i saw the price… lol


Electricity cost is 0.164$ here I bought everything for 3565$ shipped without any TVA it can look expensive but in euros it was a big deal

I’m going to suggest you try a few things:

  1. Try without over voltage (top slider). Move it back to zero/default. This really won’t buy you much hash increase, but will greatly increase heat and required fan speed.

  2. Try reducing your core clock setting to about +50-75, instead of 200. Core clock has little effect on hash value, and will cause instability if too high (and extra heat).

  3. Bump up memory clock to +500-600. Memory clock has the greatest effect in hash value.

Try this and post comparison to see hash values and temps to see if that helps.