New pool started JANUARY 12/2018 for ZEC, ZClassic, HUSH check the details for home page
yes, 8080. it’s temporary, very temporary.
This is for “prop” as in proportional mining, not pplnt.
not pretty but working on it. NOT on a testnet.

Fee is only 0.9% on payments. Will be adding incentives to loyal miners.

–server --port 13032

–server --port 13034

–server --port 13036

not working, can’t connect

Hi. Thanks for sending the mail. It is running and I can connect from outside my network… perhaps try again. Let me know what result exactly. Thanks again.


It is definitely working. The website is on port 8080 and zcash is on port 13032.
Using each I use:
–server --port 13032

Hope that helps. Let me know.


so sorry, my bad. not gigapools … i added the s by mistake.

Thanks for taking the time to post :slight_smile:

Your pool fee is only 0.9%. That’s a saving of 0.1% :banana:

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You’re right. I plan some incentives to come though. And 90 cents on a $100 payout is :peanuts: lol
So every $10 you pay fee of 9 cents… your banking machine charges you more. is still beta but not on testnets and paying for real. See you there :slight_smile:

But you forget to mention; there will never be any payout at all, until a block is found. Call us when you have +500MH/s

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Fair enough Pappi. Just thanks for the help you didn’t give. You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch…

He’s right though. What makes you different than all of the other pools popping up and disappearing within a month?

If you don’t have the hashrate to support finding blocks, you’re not going to get any miners. Instead of sarcasm, convince us you’re different.

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Well, nothing at the moment. Just did not expect to get raked over the coal for trying. Lol.
All good though. Taking down access and work on it in spare time. Cya some time soon :blush: