Pool's open! (alpha)

Hey all, I just got my zcash pool module working and need help testing. It's at www.zeropool.org, and 3008 is the stratum port. To mine use a stratum enabled miner and your command will be something like:

./zcash-miner -debug -testnet -printtoconsole -stratum=stratum+tcp://pool.zeropool.org:3008 -user=tsp -password=tmM4bFLz3fya79fUeQoF1yshSvdYsnjL6tr

Replace username with a consistent username for all your miners, and your payout address as password. Thanks for the help!

My miners are pointing at your pool ... but I can't see them in the statistics. Maybe you should post the command with the pool address on your site under the menu item "Getting Started"?