Testing Z-NOMP- I created a payment error

Hi, I have been testing z-nomp. I would have to say, it was easy to install and it runs pretty good. I made a mistake in setting up the miners and set the "validateWorkerUsername": false, instead of true. Yes, I now know why it should be true, because of a payment errors, among other things. I have the following error:

2017-01-02 20:42:44 [Pool] [zclassic] (Thread 1) Share accepted at diff 1.97020826/2.30223653 by t1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf [::ffff:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]
2017-01-02 20:42:45 [Payments] [zclassic] Error trying to send payments with RPC sendmany {"code":-5,"message":"Invalid Zcash address: t1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa.Rig1"}
2017-01-02 20:42:45 [Payments] [zclassic] Finished interval - time spent: 6ms total, 1ms redis, 3ms daemon RPC
2017-01-02 20:42:48 [Pool] [zclassic] (Thread 2) Share accepted at diff 3.60954418/5.37047127 by t1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8Z [::ffff:xx.xx.x.x]

A invalid Zcash address because of the .Rig1 is part of it. How can I fix this payment? I will be changing the setting back to true, but I wanted/need to fix this payment 1st if I can. Can anyone help?

are you using zclassic and not zcash?

Yes, on this pool I was testing with zclassic only and found a few blocks. Pool went threw a payment cycle and I had my error.

Hello, how did you solve this problem?

Thank you