Thanks Shawn for being MVM

Wanted to thank Shawn really quick for being Most Valuable Moderator no joke you’re awesome and you split threads better than Sweeney Todd.

never seen him this active before
closing threads, splitting heads

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I’m trying to stay on his good side. The cat pic throws me off for a read on him

I would be willing to help moderate the forum… I waste to much time here anyway ROFL


You’ve my vote man :smiley:

well i try, but don’t think im very successful

You loving those cloud mining companies and Claymore seems to be the reason :joy:


being infamous is more fun

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Truth is I love all you guys :heart_eyes:

Zcash has one of the best /smartest communities of any coin that I’ve seen and as you can see by scrolling through this forum, so many are here to help others.

I don’t like to have to be the hammer but sometimes I don’t have a choice. I have to follow the code of conduct as my guide same as you FAQ - Zcash Community Forum

I try to have a sense of humor as much as I can, but sometimes there are alot of things going on behind the scenes that can make me grumpy, so I Apologize if I come off as short sometimes.

To keep the Zcash community growing, be respectful to one another, and have this forum serve as an reflection of the honest people who work so hard to bring you Zcash is my ultimate goal.


7 posts were merged into an existing topic: Digimint Mining Rig Configuration

I tried to check this guideline, but it says: Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

Oops, sorry bad link. FAQ - Zcash Community Forum

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And no sooner do we start a thread then someone goes off topic…sigh.


You da best shawn I didn’t even get to see what you spliced out