The Global Ambassador Program

Important Update on the Global Ambassador Program

Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) has an important update to share regarding the Global Ambassador Program. Due to the current market downturn and its impact on the price of ZEC, the ZCG committee has had to reassess its budget and funding priorities. Consequently, we have made the tough decision to temporarily suspend all non-essential programs, including the Global Ambassador Program, effective immediately.

Please understand that this decision is based solely on financial considerations and does not reflect our opinion of the ambassadors or the overall success of the program.

We want to acknowledge and express our gratitude for the work our ambassadors have done. Their passion and energy have been instrumental in community building, user outreach, and education within the Zcash ecosystem. We truly appreciate their commitment to these initiatives over the past two years.

We remain hopeful about the program’s future and plan to revisit this decision when market conditions improve and stabilize. In the meantime, we hope the ambassadors will remain active members of the Zcash community.

Thank you,

Zcash Community Grants