The Global Ambassador Program

Hi @yoditar,

Great to hear from you!

Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look and submit a proposal if it seems appropriate.

Many thanks

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Yes, I know the group even if I haven’t joined yet. Right now, I’m in the “Zcash Italia” group but someday I would like to propose to the administrators to merge the groups as I believe it could be an advantage for the current and future Italian community.

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Great @Olek! It’s good to know that you are active in that community. Have you had a chance to join Zcash Global on Discord? Maybe you can help organize a Zcash Italy community there. What do you think?

In your comment, you talked about helping ZecHub with Italian translation or content creation. Have you been able to contact them and support them? I don’t think there is anyone in charge of the Italian language yet.

Regarding your proposal to join the Ambassadors team and your work plan, I think you have some good ideas. I think that only two of your proposals need to be defined:

  1. If there is already an Italian Zcash community on Telegram, for example, where would you build another one? How would you work with the already existing community to integrate it into your activities and events?

  2. For the moment, I would not pay influencers to promote Zcash, but I would seek to become that influencer for the Italian community. I understand that it requires a lot of time and effort, but I’m sure you can do it.

  3. Is it possible to know a bit more about your previous experiences in the crypto ecosystem? Maybe links to your social networks, website, blog, YouTube channel, etc., where we can learn more about your work in this regard?

What other ideas or plans do you have to help build the Italian Zcash community?

I am excited to hear about your interest in being part of the community and helping in the adoption of financial privacy with Zcash in Italian.

Thank you!


Yes I had the pleasure of joining the Global Zcash Discord and also collaborating with ZecHub, I have already translated all the ZecHub’s material. As for Italian communities, I intend to collaborate instead of creating new ones on Telegram.

ZecHub in Italiano

Regarding my past experiences, I have already had the opportunity to do a similar job, although not as an ambassador of a project. In 2018, I collaborated for a short period with the Italian ambassadors of Binance (Italian Binance Angels) for the creation and publication of some advertising posts in my Facebook group. In fact, I am the founder and still the manager of the second largest general crypto group on Facebook in Italy.

Blockchain Italia | Facebook


Thank you for your answers to my questions and your enthusiasm to help in the global adoption of Zcash @Olek.

We certainly need ambassadors from different countries and languages, including Italian.

I hope to have the opportunity to share with you at the GAP or in other Zcash community spaces.

Thank you!



Hi Zcash community! :wave:

Today is a great day! :partying_face:

I want to welcome two new ambassadors from Europe to the GAP: @Olek (Italy) @ZecMec (France)

They are two European ambassadors who join the global efforts we have been doing for over a year now to help in the adoption of Zcash around the world.

These two ambassadors will help us make Zcash a project that can be known and adopted by people of different languages and cultures, making privacy a normal thing.

Thank you for joining the GAP! You can count on my support and that of the entire team of Ambassadors.

I wish you success in your role as Zcash Ambassadors!


Grazie mille!

Zcash is a well known and respected project in the international crypto environment so I am grateful and proud to be the new Italian ambassador of Zcash.


Merci beaucoup @yoditar!

Je suis très reconnaissant à la communauté pour cette opportunité…

I’m really looking forward to helping to grow the zcash community here in south west France.

The sun is shining here in Occitanie and the winter seems to be behind us. Even if the crypto winter isnt quite over, i am sensing that the time is ripe for a (wykoff!) spring time zcash renaissance.

y a-t-il des membres de la communauté dans ce forum qui sont proches géographiquement ? il est temps d’organiser des événements zcash dans ce charmant petit coin de france où le tarn-et-garonne rejoint la haute-garonne et le gers…

Bisous a tous/high fives to all Zodlerz



Congrats @Olek,

I really liked the plan you have for spreading the word about zcash via your existing channels in Italy.

The part of France i am in has many Italian, Spanish and Portuguese immigrants by virtue of the events of ww2, and i believe that people who have suffered in the past as a result of the sub standard global economic and monetary systems of the past and present are exactly the people who instinctively understand the desperate need humanity has for the revolutionary technology that is zcash.

I wish you luck in your campaign to bring zcash education to italy- i am sure it will not be a hard sell!

Buona fortuna Signor Ambasciatore!



I am in Africa, and I have been in the forefront of advancing Zcash community programs in Africa since 2018, hosting physical or virtual meetup events, spreading Zcash privacy protocol for acceptance in Africa by maintaining active presence on social media, and creating original content related to Zcash.
I coordinate a team of other Zcash users in Africa among which are developers, data scientists, computer scientists and engineers under the voluntary body known as Zcash Africa Users Group, and we managed the ZcashAfrica Twitter page.


Hi @dinmanefe! :wave:

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Global Ambassador Program! It is always good to know that more community members want to participate in this program to positively impact with Zcash in their communities.

At this time the program is complete with the current number of ambassadors. For this reason, new candidates are not being accepted.

We hope to continue expanding the GAP in the future with new ambassadors.

Despite this, we hope to see you active in the zcash global forum and community. Your ideas and proposals will surely help build the community.

Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. I wanted to discuss the recent approval of the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) by the European Union and its implications specifically for European Zcash ambassadors.

With the implementation of MiCA, issuers of crypto-assets within its scope will be subject to several obligations, including, but not limited to:

  1. The publication of a whitepaper, akin to prospectuses published under the prospectus regulation.
  2. The requirement to be authorized to issue crypto-assets.
  3. Compliance with certain prudential rules when marketing crypto-assets.
  4. The obligation to act honestly, fairly, and professionally towards crypto-asset holders, particularly in relation to conflict management and prevention or maintenance of security access protocols.

MiCA is a comprehensive regulatory framework for crypto-assets, and as European Zcash ambassadors, we should be particularly concerned about point 3: Compliance with certain prudential rules when marketing crypto-assets.

Considering these new regulations, I invite all European Zcash ambassadors to discuss how MiCA might affect our roles and responsibilities, and share ideas on adapting to these changes.

As a first step, I think that we should put a disclaimer like this in our work products:

The Ambassador, acting as an independent representative, not an employee or partner of the Zcash Foundation, shares opinions and information on Zcash that may not reflect the Foundation’s official stance. Ambassadors receive a monthly stipend for their activities.

The Ambassador does not provide financial or professional advice; their shared information is for educational purposes only.

The Foundation disclaims responsibility for the Ambassador’s actions or statements, and will not be liable for losses, damages, or claims arising from reliance on the Ambassador’s information, including investment advice or recommendations.

Investing in cryptocurrencies, including Zcash, involves risks. Users should conduct their own research and consult professional advisors before making investment decisions. The Foundation does not guarantee Zcash’s future performance and assumes no responsibility for losses or damages due to reliance on the Ambassador’s information.

Additionally, as pointed out by @januszgrze on Twitter, Article 68 of MiCA addresses the operation of trading platforms for crypto-assets, which may have implications for Zcash due to its anonymization features.

As for broader Zcash concerns related to MiCA, maybe we should consider creating a separate topic for that discussion.

For those who are interested in learning more about the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) and its implications, here’s the link to the proposal from 2020:

Proposal for a Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets

Looking forward to your insights!


Hi everyone!

This is an important and necessary conversation among European Zcash ambassadors.

What I would like to bring to the conversation is the possibility of suggesting that some legal counsel from ECC or ZF help the ambassador team on how best to proceed in these cases without the ambassadors and Zcash being affected by the work we as a team do in Europe.

I think any legal advice would be of great help.

Thank you!


The Global Ambassador Program is an awesome strategy for massive Zcash adoption. Kudos to the current ambassadors.


Hello Zcashers!

Starting this month, we will publish a report with the highlights of each Ambassador’s work.

If you wish to expand on the information shared here, please write a DM to the Ambassador(s) or ask in this forum post by tagging the Ambassador(s).

Thank you for your support of the Global Ambassador Program!

@AidenZ: beta tester for Nighthawk and Zashi. Announcements and support to the Korean Zcash community about new releases/upgrades of Zcash wallets. Korean translation of Nighthawk. Organizing calls with the community.

@_eric: maintains and updates the, Zecmart and website. Organizes meetups with the Zcash Book Club. Maintains the Pay With Zcash X account and wrote an article about Zcash’s birthday (link).

@tim_ukrainian: keeps his Zcash Ambassador account active on X and does ZecHub translations in French. He is working to get his company to adopt Zcash, helping people download Zcash wallets and learn how to receive and send ZEC, as well as giving talks on zero-knowledge proofs.

@lisa001: maintains the Zcash Nigeria account on X. Support the Zcash team in Ghana for their future meetups. Support to other members of the Zcash Nigeria community for meetups. Discussions with platforms to accept Zcash as a means of payment.

@Olek: maintains Zcash AI X account. Keep Italian blog updated, translated the Nighthhawk wallet, the ZecHub newsletters and wiki. Support to the Italian Zcash community. Also, he keeps the site updated and added the mempool indicator to the network statistics.

@artkor: maintains Zcash Russia X account. Russian dubbing of several Zcash videos. An extensive article reviewing Zcash wallets. Translation of the ZecHub newsletter.

@madisonedge: posting about Zcash on X. She hosted a Bitcoin White Paper Day + Zcash birthday party (meetup) on Halloween with a costume contest where the winners won ZEC.

@ZecMec: Maintained Ambassador’s X account. Active on Telegram promoting Zcash and fighting FUD. Kept close contact with and assisted with other Ambassadors. Wrote/recorded songs/videos for Zcash’s birthday celebrations. Spoke with local artisans about using zcash as payment layer and have organized to teach one of them how to use Free2Z, Zcash wallets and ZGo.

@yoditar: I keep active the Spanish Zcash account in X. I support the Spanish Zcash community on Telegram and Discord. I do monthly activities for the promotion of Zcash (X Hacker, Zemes, Meeting with…) paying rewards in ZEC to members who meet the requirements of the activities. Translation of articles about Zcash. In October I planned and organized 14 virtual events, 1 contest and 3 challenges to celebrate the anniversary (7th birthday) of Zcash.


very great initiative! Let’s learn from each other. :wink:


Great job! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


This is awesome.


Great idea :bulb: :hot_pepper: