Randomly found this. might be a useful tool

if i’m reading this correctly, basically saying we have no online presence.

this also is very bullish, because it’s saying we have a lot of room to grow. believe we all know that, but there it is… our markets are still dominated by “insiders”, seemingly.

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These are turbulent times it might be for the better

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unfortunately, people will probably start hearing more about ZEC once we cross the $500 mark.

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Haven’t I been saying this for months? ZCash has ZERO hype out there, none. Yes, they want a CMO, but they need one now, someone who can get the word out en masse. It’s upsetting to me as I see ZEC as the “ONE” since it offers true private transactions and not “private” ones. But since no one is promoting it within the organization, it has to rely on whatever goodwill is generated organically…which isn’t much…unless the price moves or they talk about privacy.

Seriously, Zooko, this is a critical area. Neglecting this - and not treating it with the greatest degree of urgency - will ensure that other coins get the money on the table either because they have a promotions (marketing) department which touts something less than ZEC but seen as equal (XMR) or will be rolling out zero-knowledge proof tech like Etherium. Goodness…grab some interns out of their last year of an undergrad marketing degree program or get some soon-to-be MBA’s out of grad school. Interns work for nothing, just the prestige.

The few of us ZEC proponents cannot possibly do enough to champion the good news of it. Only a focused, concentrated effort from within the organization can accomplish real results since only official statements make any impressionable mark for the long term.

If it were me, I would make sure every viewer on Youtube knew about ZCash! Anyhow…just my thoughts as my miners chug along…

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I gotta disagree, i really think the empty can rattles the most applies here, the zcash proof is in its pudding, no need to create unnecessary media posts and hype up something that will sell itself, its undignified

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i go back-n-fourth with this… for a while there was no attention for ZEC, at all …but lately we’ve been getting coverage in financial publications, news, etc.
as-long-as there’s a steady stream of announcements, upgrades, and “news”… hard for me to complain.