Thoughts on Gavin Andresen’s recent blog post

Interested to hear all your thoughts on this…

I just read Gavins post and thought it was very interesting. It’s unfortunate he’s being censored and treated this way as he was one of the last people to have communication with Satoshi and I believe it’s important people in the community are able to hear what he has to say.

Reading this just further confirms my thoughts about Zcash and the importance of privacy. It also got me thinking about the mining rewards…

What will happen with Zcash down the line when mining rewards “dry up”? Will we face the same issues Bitcoin miners are set to face? - if so what are some things we can do to prevent this outcome?


Unlike BTC which has decided to limit its on-chain scalability, Zcash is open for novel scalable solutions which might help balance the miner/staking reward incentives.


Yeah, I thought that he outlined an interesting and likely scenario. It is unclear why, exactly, one would want to prevent it, though. In the meantime, many other technologies and implementations will be developed that are “better” than bitcoin.
Also – how is Andresen being censored? Sorry I am out of the loop.


Could you give me an example of what you mean? No matter what it will just be buying time right, even if there is some more “balance” it will just delay the inevitable due to the hard cap of 21M coins.