ZcashPool.cc - Mining Pool, no account required, PPS

Congratulations everyone on the successful Zcash launch!

We started a new pool today too and are busy mining our first blocks.

Come and join us:


There is no fee right now but we will probably increase it soon to 4% PPS as soon as the pool software is mature.

Better stats and exclusive features coming in the next days and weeks. Stay tuned.

feature requests and support:


and you’re down :slight_smile: hahahahaha

:tada: We just mined our very first block: :tada:

Block #643
Timestamp: Sat 29 Oct 2016 00:44:04 UTC

How long until the balances are transferred?

Coinbase transactions need 100 blocks to mature - so at least 4 hours. We will manually trigger and supervise the first payouts, to make sure our code executing correctly. Later we will switch to auto payments once a threshold has been reached.

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Updates on payouts? I’ve stopped my miners until that’s sorted out. Glad to throw 3x-4x more into the pool once payments start coming through. Thanks.

All t-addresses and z-addresses above the current threshold (0.002 ZEC) have been paid out. We will manually process payouts for the next couple days at least once every 24 hours, then switch to auto payments.

Hmmm, well my balance on your site shows 0.0115ZEC. It is being payed to a z-addr, but I can’t find any reference to it in the chain.

If you can point me to a transaction showing you have paid out, I’ll continue mining. Otherwise I’ll move to another pool.


Unfortunately the z-to-z-address transactions do not confirm (in mempool for over 12 hours).

Please PM me your z-address and a t-address. I will manually move your balance to the t-address and send out the payment ASAP. You may continue mining to that t-address. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: The issue of unconfirmed z-transactions seems to be related to unconfirmed transactions · Issue #1705 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

hi, i haven’t received payout for 2 days have the minimum amount changed, please advice.

Your payments were send out today. Thank you for mining with us!

Thank you, Nice pool!

dont use z adresses for now, theres some bug for them

Current min and max thresholds?

What is the minimum payment amount?
Payment is made how many times a day?

This pool does not pay more?

I just set up a new pool if anyone is interested in a smaller total hash rate. Currently the pool is at 7kH/s and 0% fees while we improve the pool.




Zcashpool.cc seems scam. For two days no payments. Pool owner in this thread keeps silent.

We currently process manual payments every 24 hours. A new version with auto payments and better stats is in development. Will be released in 2 weeks™.
All payments were just send out a couple minutes ago (min. 0.001 ZEC).
We raise the min. threshold for future payments to 0.02 ZEC (currently $1.40).
Thank you for mining with us.

I confirm that payment has come. However, the positive balance in the pool.
Txid: d0a79b0aaa42e3f2fe62a17a150378f4bb8edd3902838d8901088482548d2e3b