Throwing in the towel with Poloniex

I’ve had a Poloniex account for quite a while, although I’m not a frequent trader, I’ve used it enough to understand how it works.

Every time I’ve logged in there would be an email from Poloniex to the effect ‘Successful login from new IP address’.

But that, along with a recent withdrawal request to an address I had not previously used, has triggered Poloniex to pull the rug out from under me. They’ve gone from nagging me about two factor authentication to insisting upon it even though I previously explained that I don’t have the means to use it - I abhor mobile phones.

Rather than pointing out that using a mobile phone isn’t strictly necessary to jump through their two factor authentication loops (which I only recently discovered), or give me the opportunity to cancel my ‘objectionable’ withdrawal and try again with an address I had previously used, or allow me to authenticate myself some other way (such as signing a message with a previously used address), Poloniex is instead forcing me to re-authenticate myself.

As much as I hated to again violate my privacy, I want my money out of their control even more. 12+ hours later, still no withdrawal.

Still no resolution. No further communication. Several thousand dollars worth of coins in limbo.

Situation resolved - after an entire week of circular bs from Javan Green in ‘support’. Long live ShapeShift.

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yeah I’ve been sticking to shapeshift and bittrex, haven’t had any issues with either aside from blockchain congestion stuff outside their control

Oh no the site is trying to enforce strict security standards! How dare they!

Funny how those strict standards only come into play when I want my money. With nothing more than the standard login I was still able to place orders - even when they had stalled my withdrawal requests.

Looks like I am in a similar boat as you were. They want me to fill out the Level 2 verification even though I do not have any withdrawals over $2,000. Looks like I have to wait a week like you :frowning:

Well the difference is they “could” take back a trade, but once the money leaves their site they have no recourse.

Do they have a record of doing this? Can I assume they only take back winning trades or do they actually act on ‘principle’ and also do that with losing trades?