Poloniex $0/day transaction limit

I have had a $2K/day limit since I started my account on Poloniex last year. Even though I sent in credentials for $25K/day limit, but it just said “pending review” indefinitely and was never approved. Was a real pain when I was buying new equipment / rigs as I at most could place a <$2K/day order.

Two weeks ago they flagged my account and said I needed to send in credentials again (passport photos and such). So I thought great Ill finally get $25K/day limit, so I sent them in. Poloinex immediately changed my transaction limit to $0/day and “pending review” for status. I also cant get them to respond. Based on my past experience its going to stay like this for a long time, possibly indefinitely. Anyone else having this issue?

Boloniex are jerks. I jumped through their KYC hoops before they were in the habit of bullying people into using 2fa. After that they bugged me about it a few times but then earlier this year one of their useless ‘support’ staff spat the dummy when I dared to use a different withdrawal address - they busted my account status down to unverified and $0/day until I jumped through all their KYC crap again. Even so, with their incompetent staffing, it took weeks to sort out.