Anyone use Minergate? Pros vs cons?

Minergate has peaked my curiosity with the addition of Zcash. Does anyone have experience with these guys?

Minergate is a good mining pool zcash
Charges 1% and is the lowest commission there is
Is paying well of agreement to the blocks as they are meeting
It’s how you pay, at first I last 4 days mining and my balance did not change
And from today in the morning already began to fall the blocks

You would have to come in to see how you’re doing, I’m undermined with the following cards

1 radeon shapire R9 290 4GB DDR5 255 soles
1 GIGABYTE R7 370 2GB DDR5 125 soles

With claymore v9.2

1% is pretty nice…I only wish they had more hash power as only a few blocks are found per day. With the difficulty rising that could spell trouble. I may give it a week…waiting for more input.

The difficulty is variable, as it is minergate own pool you realize that the
Mining has just begun, the difficulty since starting was 12,532 and today the difficulty varies from 785,255 to 1,059,457 the difficulty is very low, so the reward is good, and if there are few blocks a day because the power of mining is very low , But it’s worth it, you win more than in other mining pools zcash

hey everyone i am also a new addition to the mining community! in saying that i have an issue i need someone to answer. i am a COMPLETE NOOB and i am learning. i have successfully got claymore running on one system, nichhash on another and attempting to figure nheqminer out for my third pc.
so here is my question.
is there anyone out there that may please tell me step by step on how to change my stratum address to minergate pool?
nheqminer -l -u
i have tried everything i can think of and I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER. please please please show mercy and provide me some answers.

I keep waiting for them to institute single-click mining like they have for the other coins. But they never seem to make any progress in that direction. I am like you; I would like to mine on minergate, but my technical proficiency is inadequate to do even the most basic of tasks. I have asked in their chat room when they are going to start single-click mining, but I never get any answers.

im gonna keep looking and as soon as i find instructions or a solution i will repost here asap. im on the hunt too dude! you are not alone. merry we will become happy. i am a man on a mission.

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cons - minergate seems to brainwash people into spamming about it… its irritating deleting the spam about it…


I’m currently having the issue were Minergate says Im mining on the dashboard but the “Total mined” number never goes up. Am I going something wrong?

I’m using this pool
the password is x and I have my current email address in the Zcash address.

I might try anther pool to see if I can get some results

Oh I’m using the GUI version