Transaction ID missed ! Unconfirmed Transaction over 30 Hours

Hello Guys,

i got a big problem.

I send from cryptonator 6.x ZEC to my hardware ledger wallet, after 30Hours its dont confirmed in my wallet.


Transaction ID : 821810a34670614f645e8775337da8b6a952642369308df8bdc27178e7455730


Yesterday i found the transaction id there:
At this morning, the transaction id wasnt found with that link/id.
Now 8Hours later, i see the transaction id at that link, but with a other date and time.


Normaly the transactions need max 10-15 Minutes.

I send 3 Zec from my hardware ledger wallet to a exchange and there is too not confirmed near 24 Hours.

Fee is on 0.0001 ZEC

Can me explain some one, what i have to do, or whats going on here?

I opened a ticket today on cryptonator, but i think they dont can do something.

I am mining self ZEC, can i mine my transaction self?

Umpf, i am confused.

Thats my wallet address

I know, it gives much more peoples like me, if you see the unconfirmed transactions

Best Regards

I experience something similar with this about 2 weeks ago. The TXID didn’t appear in the blockchain. But just wait a few hours maybe a day and it will appear. Maybe the block chains trackers have a bug or not fully synchronized.

I sent ZCash to Bitfinex

The ticket for this issue is 2-day delay in mining a transaction with 586 transparent inputs · Issue #2668 · zcash/zcash · GitHub . Basically the problem is with transactions having a large number of transparent inputs; I’ve explained it in more detail on the ticket.

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