Transaction not showing up in wallet

Hi everybody!

I assume I did something very stupid, but to be honest I can not yet find the mistake…
What I did:

  • I installed zcash wallet locally
  • I created a new Z (Private) adress
  • Then I exchanged Bitcoins to zcash with Shapeshift. Everything went fine…
  • Now I am waiting fot the ZECs to appear in my wallet for hours… Nothing happens…

Is there something I don’t see?
Any hints?

Thanks in advance!!
Kind Regards,

Really getting nervous here…
I contacted shapeshift, but did not yet get an answer… But in the end of the shapeshift process it said everything was fine.

Is there a known issue with shapeshift and Z addresses??

Any ideas what I can try or do to get a clearer view of the situation?
It would be very hurtful if the money ist just gone…

Thanks in advance!!

Did you ever get the transaction? I was going to use SS

Apparently theres been a widespread issue with zwallet (I use freewallet)

nanopool was sending out payments, but I havent been getting the payments in my zcash wallet since may 7th.

They finally posted a message to your accounts about 2 hours ago with the following:

Yes, finally got the transaction. There was an issue with SS… the support was very helpful and I got both of my transactions…

Yup, got all my transactions too overnight. :slight_smile: