Zcash wallet stuck?

Hey Guys,

I am using the zcash wallet app by freewallet. It's been fine for a while, I receive payments in real time throughout the day.

However, it has seemed to have stopped at May 7th. Nanopool shows payments being sent out, but my wallet isn't updating.. https://zec.nanopool.org/account/t1aBTUe5usFt1LmC9ZPZv3TogWqSkdeSDTU

Anyone else having similar issues? freewallet having issues?


I also have same problems...

Yeah, sigh.. Hope it's just a display glitch and I am not losing actual money :l

I sent their support team an email and chat message through the app.

Just an update - It was fixed a day after I posted this. However, they are having issues again since yesterday at around 12PM EST.

Sent off another email to their support team. Really surprised how they don't notice it, considering how many people are mining ZEC :neutral_face:

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After contacting their support team yesterday, they have finally got back to me stating that they are looking into the issue.

Transactions that you should have gotten are slowly coming in now. Frustrating. May just find another wallet instead if anyone can recommend one?

Lots of people use Jaxx for mobile wallets. Also, here's two excellent community managed resources for Zcash wallets: