Used before sync completed, stupid me

I bought some zcash on buy-zcash using btc and sent it to the zcash4win application when it was only about 3% complete with the synchronization. What a stupid move on my part. My coins are not there and it’s been about an hour so I am thinking I am about to loose 280 $. Do any of you experts know what is going to happen to my transaction? Will it eventually show up once it sync’s? Obviously, I don’t mind waiting what seems to be another 20 hrs for it to complete if my coins appear at the completion.

When you’re at 99% synced and you don’t see your ZEC, I’d be worried. Until then you’re just going to have wait.

Yea, I have to believe it is on the chain and immutable (supposedly) and all will be fine. I like the app and since it is a work in progress maybe they could add a warning to not send any coins until the sync is finished. But, most people probably already know that, except me…

it doesnt matter if you dont have your wallet synced. you can send coins also with your wallet uninstalled, just need to wait for 100% sync to see your coins, remember the sync process goes from the older to the newest transactions, and yours is one of the last ones.


All is well. Once the sync completed my coins were there. This shows what a newbie I am.