Transaction unconfirmed - one wallet on two mac

Hello! Please help. :slight_smile: Here you can see two unconfirmed transactions 5+5 zec.

Maybe i did the mistake installing one wallet on two mac(export private key).

What should i do to save my zec.

Hello before a few days had a similar issue with a stucking tx : I sent 2.5 :zcash: from my desktop wallet to an exchange an after 24h it was still unconfirmed. Imo it doesn’t depend on the 2 wallets rather to the big size of your tx combined with the minimum of 0.0001 :zcash: fee.
But first things first: I solved this problem by backing up my wallet (you don’t need cause you got your backup on your 2nd device), than edited a list of all private keys with adress balance higher 0.0. Next step is deleting the wallet and all of its components (on windows you find a lot in the app data - don’t know about banapple ):innocent:. So after you’ve cleaned your first device, reinstall the wallet and let it syncronize with the bc (yes it’s boring) to 100%. After that you just have to import your private keys manually. On Windows winzec there is the option Import one private key so you can copy paste your key and the blockchain is going to be scanned. And that’s the trick as long as the tx is unconfirmed it is not on the chain so your adress will have the balance from before stucking tx. If everything works well do the same with your second device.
Perhaps other guys can tell you if that is good or necessary or not but after my odyssey with that problem I decided for me to pay for every :zcash: I send 0.0001 miner fee so 5 :zcash: make 0.0005 :zcash: miner fee for me that’s OK.
Sorry for my bad English! :laughing:
Greetings from Germany :laughing:
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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