Transfer crashed with empty account!

I was transfering from a t-addr to a z-addr with z_sendmany. Operation started executing (as reported by z_getoperationstatus). then my zcashd crashed and I am left with an empty account ! how do i recover my balance?

zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance now shows my balance in private. wrong alarm :smiley:

though the crash did happen, worth to investigate i think…
i am on manjaro linux with zcash 1.0.11-2

Did the transaction show up in a block explorer?
Would like to know when the node crashed. If you check debug.log in your datadir, do you see anything around the time of the crash?

I suspect it was out of memory. This happens to me when I have too many other processing sucking up memory running. Once I close most things down, all goes smooth.