Transfer from t to z in Zecwallet Lite

Zecwallet Lite v1.4.2
decided to transfer small amount from my t to my z address
Instead all zec was transferred to z address
Transaction status show in head value that i had enter, but last field Amount is all zec that was in t address
is there something i missed ?

That is by design:

When sending an outgoing transaction to a shielded address, Zecwallet-Lite can decide to use the transaction to additionally shield your transparent funds (i.e., send your transparent funds to your own shielded address in the same transaction)

(from README at GitHub - adityapk00/zecwallet-lite: Zecwallet-Lite is z-Addr first lightwallet for Zcash.)


Thanks, hloo

Cant say i’m happy with this zecwallet lite behavior , but good .
it’s my fault not reading readme on github

My two cents here: aside from some network layer privacy issues, for autoshielding I think it makes more sense to autoshield everything coming in to a transparent address as soon as it’s received and disclose this on the view in the wallet where you show users their transparent address.

And then when they receive funds at the transparent address the UI can show a notification saying that funds are being automatically shielded.

This lets you autoshield without surprising users at the moment they make a transaction.


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