Sending Zcash from "t" to "z" adress failed

Hi I have downloaded Zcash Lite Wallet to send Zcash shielded.
I have tried to send my zcash from Exodus Wallet to my Zcash Lite Wallet.
From “t” to “z” adress but its failed Exodus ask me if i have had a writing error.
The same in Atomic Wallet.

How can i send zcash from Exodus Wallet to a “z” adress ?

Exodus doesn’t support sending to a Z-address.

You will need to make a T address in ZecWallet to receive, then use ZecWallet to send to Z address.

Are there other Desktop Wallets than the Zcash Lite Wallet and the Zcash Full Node Wallet that support “Z” Adresses ? Will there come which in nearly Future ?

Hi @Susann, do you mean Zecwallet Lite and Zecwallet Full Node?

To send ZEC from Exodus you can only send to t-address. You use Zecwallet Lite to get a t-address from the “Transparent” tab in “Receive” page on Zecwallet Lite. After you receive ZEC into the Zecwallet t-address, you can immediately (after 5 blocks of confirmation) send to a z-address after that.

Currently, on PC the most user-friendly way of transacting with z-address is with Zecwallet Lite. On smartphone, you can use Zecwallet Lite, Nighthawk or Unstoppable Wallet.

I am not aware of any other projects working on GUI desktop wallet that works with z-address.

Hopefully this answers you question. Cheers!

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