Trolling With Nyms

Hi everyone!

@zancas is supr smarte.

He taught me how to spel.

Maybe you culd reply with some corrections?

Maybe I can say something really dum to get you to repear my login name?

Why don’t you reply to me, so that my nym will be repeated and associated with you?

It’s a great way for me to get my message spread around the forums!

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Hi @Tsupportisharmful and @Shawn

I luv zancas. He tot me speling.

in complete sentences. Also about grammar

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Hi @ZancasIsSuperSexy

welcome to the forums. May I ask how you found us? Because zcash is an international currency most of us speak english as a first language. Please do not let that stop you engaging with the forums.

@ZancasIsSuperSexy okay ill pm you how to handle this actually until i see the onlyfans you are just @zancas to me. (I think we can forgive the sockpupet ban in this case, lol)

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It’s obvious that this is a Zancas sockpuppet account and I understand the point being made.

Sockpuppets are clearly against the forums CoC however I’m not going to ban the accounts in this case because he is trying to make a point.

Please contain the “examples” and discussion of this within the two topics that @zancas made on the subject as to not detract from actual conversation in other threads.

split and move to meta?

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