Nym Trolling Example

Hi everyone… I thought I would mention that the nym @ZancasIsSuperSexy is probably not legitimate. I believe it’s very important that I state this up front, because I don’t want to actually mislead anyone, and I might accidentally do that in the course of trying to highlight a pattern.

@ZancasIsSuperSexy is helping me highlight the pattern

In fact, I have strong reason to believe that @ZancasIsSuperSexy was created in order to propagate a certain message.

If you engage with @ZancasIsSuperSexy then you help spread the message!

Is it ethical for me to spread my ideas in this way?

I don’t believe that it is. In fact I believe it is a form of coercion that is antithetical to the values that I cherish, and believe in. In fact, I believe that zcash is SOOO important precisely because I believe that coercion is so unethical…

And yet… this forum seems to have several nyms that seem to exist in order to sideload assertions about reality into your subconscious (dear reader). It’s extremely direspectful… in my humble opinion.

The nym @ZancasIsSuperSexy … well… that, no doubt, belongs to a legitimate zcash enthusiast, who just happens to have a positive assessment of me. Who am I to disagree.

@ZancasIsSuperSexy has a right to participate in the space and share his-or-her opinions as they see fit.

I notice that @ZancasIsSuperSexy said some dumb things over in this thread:

I think the community should really get on that thread and correct their mistakes.

If you don’t agree with @ZancasIsSuperSexy then definitely prioritize responding to all the deliberately inflammatory things that @ZancasIsSuperSexy is saying.

Like for example @ZancasIsSuperSexy might say something like:

Stop gaslighting the community @amiller !!

Well… that’d be a rude thing to say to your friend wouldn’t it?!

So maybe you should say something like:

Hey @ZancasIsSuperSexy , be polite!!

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