Trouble with Poloniex

Disabled the deposits and withdrawals in poloniex since this morning, Poloniex argues that they are problems of the Zcash platform, ¿ what does think the developer team about this ?, I send some zcash and they were in the air.

seems their issue only.
I have exchanged 12ZEC to BTC today without problem, but not in Poloniex of course
convert via and using zcash4win wallet

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I have the same problem, same message and not active deposit off zcash. How soon solved problems with 15.12.17 no enrollments.

Its bull… they did this a couple months ago and drove the price of Zcash down. They said there was an issue that only the Zcash team could resolve… and automagically after a few weeks it was up and running again and Poloniex never once contacted Zcash or received said fix was needed to make it work again.