Poloniex issue update

We’ve confirmed with Poloniex that the suspension of Zcash deposits and withdrawals from approximately from July 7th through July 15th was due to a wallet corruption and performance problems in the wallet implemented by the zcashd (MagicBean) software, under conditions of Poloniex’s large-scale and increasing usage.

The issue did not threaten security of Poloniex user funds because Poloniex had backed-up the wallet. To make sure your funds are safe, see Wallet Backup Instructions.

The Poloniex Zcash wallet is currently operating normally. We’ve offered to support Poloniex by helping them deploy operational workarounds and diagnose the root cause. We’ll post another update once we learn more.


Thank you so much for this update. We really appreciate it!


I really wish they would have been in closer co-ordination with ZcashCo for support…not because I have any assets on Polo, but just because of the negative impact it had on the zcash corner of universe


related to wallet corruption issue · Issue #2256 · zcash/zcash · GitHub ?

The failed recovery sounds similar, although I’m not yet certain if the initial crash exhibited the same symptoms.

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So was Poloniex’s wallet disabled due to a code within Zcash?