tZEC implementation + bridging & LP incentives

I’m convinced there’s an untapped ZEC market over on Ethereum (if my personal displeasure with central exchanges & Ethereum manoeuvring is any indication. Yet renZEC is not only lacklustre but imo an inferior to @mhluongo Threshold solution (formerly Keep & NuCyper).

Something interesting would be incentivising bridging into tZEC, by incentivising liquidity deposits into a Saddle/Curve v2 pool with eth & tBTC(v2) as pairs. Now imagine locking liquidity pools to further one’s rewards weight. This would effectively bring sustained tZEC liquidity to ETH, as well as bolstering Threshold’s TVL in a yet untapped market with no serious competition.

$SDL/ $CRV/ $T incentives for tZEC deposits into Saddle/ Curve liquidity pools
win-win for every participant