Ubuntu 7 GPU rig possible?

I have been testing for a week with both Optiminer and Claymore and cant seem to get a stable rig with 7 GPU's. I have been testing with two identical rigs and both have issues with GPU2 not matter how they are configured. Ubuntu 16.04 Server, Desktop, Legacy, UEFI all have same issues. I am coming to the conclusion that a 7 GPU rig is just not possible with Ubuntu. If I disable GPU2 both miners run like a dream. GPU2 is located in the last PCIe slot on both my MSI Z97 Gaming 5 MBO's.

Perhaps its just my MBO.

Anyone else have a 7 GPU rig running on Ubuntu?

what motherboard do you have? worked for me on z97 gaming 5 msi

I am using the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 but have been focusing on Ubuntu 16.04 Server.

I discovered today that Ubuntu 16.04 desktop does install and work correctly. So clearly there are some auto configuration issues that are missing with the server version. I will try to isolate and come up with an installation process for server.

oh yeah i was using desktop 16.04
amdpro 16.30

Here’s ubuntu with 8 GPU’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Pandaminer :wink:

so slow what a POS
and looks like your copy of windows is not exactly legal......

I have one rig running over 24 hours with all 7 rx-480 card (~1700 Sol/sec total) on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 Legacy BIOS install.

The second identical rig has same issue with GPU2 dropping out and locking up the system. This rig has 4 XFX cards and not 100% Sapphire Nitro. So I can only assume..... its the card?

Would not be so bad since Claymore allows a script to run triggered by the watchdog but since the GPU2 fallout causes a (sudo reboot) to hang, I cant manage this problem remotely via ssh. Looking for a stable 6 GPU configuration now since I head out of town tomorrow and once it hangs it over (i cant even shut it down remotely).

BTW: you don't have to give Claymore root access to manage fan speed control (always a bad idea for closed software). You can change the permissions in a startup script that allow Claymore to change the fan speed without root access, much better.

Let me know if you need details.

Its the XFX cards. They have very poor temp control / monitoring. Cant keep 2 of them in the low 60C range so they are hitting 70C intermittently and their intensity is being cut by Claymore. I am finding I need to maintain low 60C range in Ubuntu for stability. Sapphire Nitro are sitting at ~63C stock -i 8 240 Sol/sec and very stable. XFX are intermittently hitting 70C even at 200-210 Sol/sec. Last time I buy XFX cards.

Ill try XFX cards at -i 1 and use additional air flow and see what happens.