Ubuntu Troubleshooting to run Zcash Miner with 7 gpu

I have just started with Linux Rig and have been hit by series of problems …I would like to start a forum where I will maintain all the common errors for Ubuntu which will be solved here…

My first tip I found while installing Linux.

Q) My wifi isn’t getting connected when I first install Ubuntu 17
A) This can sometime happen with usb wifi modules . To fix this edit



This should fix the wifi issue. That is why the recommended option is always a lan cable.

I am stuck at setting coolbits for cards. Things works fine with 1 card but as soon as the cards increased, it stops. Here is what I have tried so far:

  1. adding nogpumanager crashes the system and have to revert changes to start
  2. Chattr +i xorg.conf gets the same crash
  3. xorg is always rewritten at start

I have 1080Ti HerculeZ from Inno3D and ubuntu17.04/Lubuntu17.04

Are there any steps to set coolbits for all the cards so all the gpus can accept the commands for Fanspeed etc?


Honestly, I recommend to use Windows 10 coz there will be more troubleshoots afterward…

I have windows Rig already working. I want to convert all of them to Linux if I can make it work. After 2 days of fiddling we went with windows again but I still feel it should be Linux on all the machines for better stability …