10 GPU rig problem with software

asrock h110 pro BTC+, celeron, 16gb ram, 120 ssd, windows 10, 5x1080, 5x1070, all new updates and drivers.

when i installed the cards, the first 8 went normal, 9 & 10, system locked a couple of times, had to reinstall but finally all 10 cards show up in device manager. everything looks normal.

no mining software (ccminer, claymore, ewbf) recognizes any cards… even the nicehash software says 0 gpus.

unplug 2 cards… mines like a champ. 9 or 10 = 0.

i’ve been working on this for about 2 weeks. many google searches… anyone got any ideas. is there a bios setting or a windows feature allowing only 8 cards. BitsBtrippin on youtube, has several build videos and it looks like plug and play. am i missing something?

Have you look into your power consumption? Just a guess.

Windows only supports up to 8 GPUs per Nvidia/AMD. You can run 10 cards or more but it has to be 8 Nvidia, 2 AMD, etc.

If you want to run 10 Nvidia cards your options are linux, SMOS, ethOS, nvOC, etc (basically non-Windows OSes).

2 power supplies. 1000w drawing 880 from the wall. 1500w drawing 800 from the wall. that’s for 8 cards, the other 2 would add no more than 300w to the 1500w PS. So that would be 1100w on a 1500w PS. power should be right in the sweet spot.

now that is some useful information right there and that’s what i thought it was. Thank you sir

same here, that’s really useful info…

I’ve had no problems running 12x 1080 ti systems in Linux. Single EWBF process.

Could u show your HW configure? and which distribution linux in use? thanks

Ubuntu 16.04
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa (then update)
apt install nvidia-384* nvidia-settings screen openssh-server
nvidia-xconfig --enable-all-gpus;
nvidia-xconfig --cool-bits=28;
nvidia-xconfig --allow-empty-initial-configuration (manage via ssh)

Make sure your bios is up to date and 4G decoding is enabled. Make sure pcie slots are set to Gen1. If you still have problems try with just one card and make sure to check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file for a record for each of your xorg servers.

You’ll also need to setup /etc/ssh/sshd_config as needed.

Give this pendrive mining os a try https://ba.net/zcash-eth-miner-os/

Just to update my old post, this 8-GPU limit has been removed on the latest Windows 10 anniversary update.