9xGPU Z270A rig - need tweaking advice on Linux

I have a new rig with Asus Z270A motherboard with 2 x M2 adapters and a total of 9 x GPUs: 1 x 1080, 1 x 1070, 6 x 1060.

I’m getting 3020 sol/s and using 1240 watts at the wall, and am using CentOS and EWBF 0.3.4b miner

I have a 1600 watt EVGA power supply so no problem there, but i’d like to lower power a bit and increase performance if possible.

What are some tools I can use in Linux to tweak the cards, like MSI Afterburner, but for Linux?

Or should I just leave stock settings?

Either way, this rig cost about $5000 and it’s set to return only about $360 a month after electricity, so I’m pretty underwhelmed at this point. Cheer me up?

Some of your cards are rather toasty. First step would be to lower their temp., and then maybe overclock them a bit. In my experience overclocking the RAM gives a lot of extra performance for mining.

Side note: what program do you use to keep an eye on your miners? Looks great.

How do i lower their temp? Do you mean by adding airflow, etc, or by using software?

The GUI you see is the built in monitor at! I just stumbled on it, several weeks after getting started with mining.

EWBF’s CUDA miner 0.3.4b

Not sure what you mean. That’s what I’m using - EWBF’s CUDA miner 0.3.4b.

Use nvidia-smi and nvidia-settings to limit power usage, modify clocks, and set fan speeds. There is plenty mention of how to do this on this forum and elsewhere on the web.

i did use nvidia-settings but it does nothing more than “max performance”, which i didn’t see any difference at all when using.

never heard of nvidia-smi, but i just ran it and see that it shows current info. I will google to find more info. Thanks!