Unstoppable wallet HELP

the mobile wallet is not syncing anymore with Zcash. my wallet has ZEC but the balance is 0 on Y wallet. any idea??? super strange, it seems like the shielding process didn’t work last time I’ve sent some zec to binance… its showing like I’ve spent on transaction fees more than 100 zec and it never returned to me…

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Have txid?

Some block explorers displays incorrect fee amount. In my experience the most reliable block explorer that display correct fees is 3xpl.

Transferring between pools always reveals the amount transferred. I believe that’s why some explores misunderstand the fee amount.

If the transfer failed, and it didn’t returned to your wallet, could be the wallet didn’t accounted for a expired transaction. A possible solution is to re-scan or use Ywallet rewind feature.




These are my last 2 transactions. YWallet when I restore my wallet from unstoppable mobile wallet, shows -133zec as if I’ve sent to Binance this value. YWallet is not capable of restoring my wallet and reading my balance properly. It’s been days I’m trying to restore my wallet on YWallet but the balance always go to 0 after these txids are scanned by the app

Thanks for the info. I was able to check the correct fee. I’m just wondering why I cannot see my balance on YWallet…… or any other ZCASH mobile wallet… I used to have unstoppable wallet but their ZCASH is not syncing …… it’s been a few days. Now I cannot get access to my funds… any idea? Thanks a lot for your fast answers !!

I’m trying to do this rewind to checkpoint now, to a date prior my wallet creation. Is there any difference from restoring from a block height and this rewind to checkpoint feature? Ywallet shows the same txid but with a different value. I know now that this value is wrong, I just cannot understand why Ywallet shows this wrong amount in the same tx…

Ywallet is still showing the wrong balance, with wrong values for my history transactions…… wrong txids as well…. I can verify the txids are real but the value is wrong…… any chance this is a bug caused by zcash network recent updates ?

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Ywallet crashes everytime I try to transfer funds from one pool to another. I believe there’s is something going on with the mobile wallets and sync processs……. I would really love some help

I don’t use unstoppable wallet, so I’m unfamiliar with which key that imported. Did you import the seed?

Try Zingo! wallet maybe it could work

I’m not sure which key it would be. The keys that it gives seem to either not be valid or perhaps missing the secret-extended-main prefix.

Hello! I’m sorry that you are going through all this.

Your unstoppable wallet is probably struggling to sync, anyhow, it’s possible that your funds are ok.

Can you tell us which version of Unstoppable version were you using? Are you using Android or iOS?

I understand that you’ve tried to recover your wallet with Ywallet as well.

Can you go to the about section of Ywallet and let us know the version of the app as well?

Would you mind (without disclosing any sensitive information whatsoever) providing the sequence of steps that led you to this situation?

for example:

I was using App A, and sent a transaction to Place_P and I expected to see something, but instead this other thing happened.
Then I did X and Y this happened

tip: Zingo wallet is good at handling transparent funds, you should try that wallet out.

AFAIK, Unstoppable uses multiple transparent addresses, so it is harder to recover them in YWallet. You’d have to find the correct derivation path.

unstoppable wallet has only one sapling address… if it uses multiple transparent addresses, that’s something new for me, because they don’t show us this info inside the app… btw, I’m running the latest versions of all wallets…

unstoppable 0.33 version… I’m currently expecting they to fix this on 0.34 which is on GitHub…
y wallet is syncing again since block 0… last time I did this same thing happened. wrong tx info inside ywallet. the txid I’ve shown you, has a different (wrong values) inside y wallet. Im trying for the 3rd time to sync inside ZINGO wallet… I’ve changed the node this time, in hope it will sync. hard times …

Wrong tx info means that the output was sent to an unknown address to ywallet. Unstoppable probably organizes the change output differently.


Hi everyone, I’m currently using all of the wallets mentioned in the topic + zecwallet on PC + zingo! on PC + ywallet on PC in duplicate mode with amounts in different shielded pools.

They all work with the same initial phrase, so they are fully compatible with each other

I did notice that some of the wallets can “lose” ZEC, and the old SDK 1.0 (but it has been updated to an intermediate working version on unstoppable) and ZecWallet can specify an incredible transaction size. But I hasten to reassure the author of the topic that in reality his coins will be in place when rescanning if the transaction was not completed successfully, it may have been canceled after a long stay in the mempool (strangely enough I also started to encounter this when sending from zecwallet). The fee, despite the crazy size in the wallet in reality will be normal. I did notice that there is a discrepancy between balances in different wallets even after rescanning if you use more than one address in the address tree. You have to create new addresses, fund them with a small amount and rescan them again.

All this of course cannot be normal and this is the reason why many people are leaving Zcash in the last 15 months. And it’s not about outdated coin and wrong targeting, as they write in neighboring threads. Zcash needs a reliable infrastructure, folks. I realize that it’s all a matter of time and we will make it, but this is a statement of fact.


Historically, wallet implementations chose their address & account management policy. Some create multiple shielded addresses, some separate the change, some spawn transparent addresses, etc. It didn’t matter much because the network wasn’t loaded much.
Speaking for ywallet only, its address management is strict: 1 account = 1 seed = 1 UA (T+S+O).
This is by design from the beginning, because my first priority is performance.
Now with spam, we see more users wanting to transfer their accounts. Unfortunately, they will have to consolidate their funds if their source wallet was putting their funds at several locations.


I like that I can have multiple accounts in YWallet. It’s a definite workaround and they are scanned simultaneously in parallel. It’s convenient!

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my balance is still 0… does someone know any unstoppable developer?

Zecwallet lite does not even connect anymore!!! how can you use it?? on mobile and on Mac it does not work anymore at all!! its been around a month, same time unstoppable stopped syncing with Zcash network… something very strange is happening…