Using 220/240 V dryer circuits

The wiring in our house (located the US) is not ideal and I’m tripping power circuits, despite pulling less than 10A on 20A breakers (for e.g. a single rig pulling 850W at the wall @ 110V). Does anybody have experience using a dryer circuit (220/240V) for powering rigs? I’m considering purchasing an appropriately high gauge extension with NEMA 14-30R plugs. Assuming I draw less than the circuit is spec’ed for, can I run the dryer and rigs simultaneously? Will the dryer add noise to the circuit that would be damaging to the rigs?

There is also this 110 V to 220 V upverter: Model A220-20D plus 2 adapter cords | Quick 220 Electrical Systems

Anybody have experience with one of these devices?

just because your rig is only pulling 10amps on the circuit doesn’t mean there are others items on the circuit pulling amps as well.

Does it trip when you turn the microwave on? Fridge cuts on? doing laundry? Turn on the ceiling fan?

Considering that the dryer outlet is a dedicated circuit, you should have not have the same issue

The outlet circuit in question is separate from my kitchen / laundry and has nothing else plugged in. I live in an older home and I suspect the wiring has only been redone in the rooms that have undergone extensive remodeling.