V4.6.0 - segfaults during rescan

Debian 11 (bullseye), 8Gb RAM, puny 2-core Intel cpu

It segfaulted twice so far, restarted node each time & its now fetching blocks (lots of catchup to do).


Hi @ChileBob ,

Thanks for the report as always and hope all is well!

Was this on a mainnet node or testnet miner node by chance?

We are taking a look to see what we can reproduce.

It’s a very standard mainnet node.

The only maybe-weird -thing is the number of zaddrs in the wallet (approx 20) & also has the ZECpages viewkey.

The node is now fully synced, it was way behind (3 months) so was rather busy. Nothing in syslog to indicate hardware probs.

Hope that helps.