V5.2.0 - frozen shutdown

Syncing through the spam, did 'zcash-cli stop" and it’s stuck.

debug.log shows it started to shutdown, no more blocks etc but it’s still burning 100% of a CPU core.

That was nine hours ago, it’s still doing it.

EDIT: Other maybe useful info :-

  • Ubuntu 20,04, 16Gb, amd64
  • syncing from a local node with ‘-connect’ option
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Do you mean zcash-cli stop? Or did you type ‘shutdown’?

sorry, meant stop, damn this decaf coffee… fixed original post

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I killed the zcashd process (kill -9) & restarted it, this time syncing from public nodes etc as normal.

Thankfully, it didn’t bork & demand a reindex, with all the spam to work through that would suck.

According to debug.log its pulling in blocks & is around blk 1730500, interestingly the console is stuck on ‘Init message: Done loading’, its ‘started since’ time is frozen and is not showing progress.

I’ll leave it running & report any more obvious strangeness.

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I stopped and restarted my node (just for you!) but I didn’t replicate any errors

console just caught up a little, although its still way behind the block that debug.log says its working on.

If its a bug in need of a name, ‘terminal lumpiness’ describes it rather well.

EDIT: Another example, the console says it has 2 peers connected, ‘zcash-cli getpeerinfo’ shows 8

EDIT: Console has finally caught up with debug.log, it took 1hr 55mins