Wallet for windows


Is there a wallet that supports Z Cash and can be used on windows? (the friendlier the better)
I don't have linux nor know how to use it.

My wallet zcash4win is still in beta, but it includes my port of zcash to windows and has a GUI wallet, all bundled together: https://zcash4win.com

Most other GUI wallets don't support shielded transactions yet...my personal favorite of them is the multi-currency Jaxx wallet.

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Hi radix42,
I'm trying your wallet, but it is taking so much to sincronize after reaching the 80%.
Also, it is highly intensive on CPU and disk usage. It degrades the laptop perfomance a lot, while sincronizing blockchain. Is this a normal behaviour?

Once it catches up to 100%, it takes very little cpu and disk activity to stay synchronized. Its the same with the linux version of zcash, bitcoin, and all similar full node wallets on the same type of blockchains.