How is a rig getting over 300 Kh/s?

Based on everything I understand about Z Cash mining, at most we can get about 700h/s - maybe a few more - using a GTX 1080 Ti. How is this miner getting 300+ Kh/s PER RIG? Did someone finally make an ASIC for Zec? That would require over 300 cards in a single machine… Seems really off to me.

To answer your question :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t read far enough. Thanks!

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Some of the Ethereum farms come over to Zcash for a block or two and having hashing in the millions… Crazy to think how many cards that is.

Wow. That is definitely hard to imagine. And I am nervous investing in just a couple of rigs…lol I’m looking at it like investing in the stock market: start small, see what works and learn, reinvest earnings and dividends.

I would say to just start with a single mining unit if you want to do it at all. See what you think and iron out the kinks. Then if you find you like it, keep going with more. Understand though, that this would be considered a VERY high risk investment. Just allocate accordingly to your personal risk profile.