Waterhole Marketplace Bring in Zcash Escrow Trading and GUI Mobile Wallet

Waterhole development team is pleased to announce the GUI mobile wallet for Zcash. It came with the built-in escrow trading mechanism allows users to trade and chat in-app directly. The OTC feature will be available to existing BTC users and all future Zcash users from day 1 Zcash launched.

All trading and chatting are end-to-end encrypted and exceeds the level of Telegram technologies for privacy protections. The initial version will only support ZEC transparent transactions from/to our platform, which is exactly the same privacy-level as BTC transactions, you can check your deposit/withdraw ZEC in Zcash team official blockchain explorer or waterhole explorer for Chinese community. The open source independent mobile wallet won’t be available until official team has a SPV wallet client.

There is no transaction fees for escrows in the app until 12/31/2016. The app can be downloaded from https://www.waterhole.io or Apple Store / Google Play.


欢迎您到 https://www.waterhole.io 或非中国区Apple Store / Google Play下载水帘洞客户端(Waterhole Marketplace)进行测试


所有的交易和聊天是端到端动态加密的,隐私保护级别远超国际知名私聊软件Telegram。最初版本将仅支持Zcash透明交易,和比特币交易完全一样的金融保密级别。您可以在区块链浏览器检查存取ZEC的交易 - Zcash官方区块链浏览器或水帘洞维护的Zcash中文区块链浏览器。开源的独立手机钱包要等到官方团队支持SPV轻钱包客户端。

特价: 所有平台担保的第三方交易,到2016年12月31日免交易手续费。


1.0.2 Updated


Nice project, thanks for bringing some user friendliness to ZCash !

Just a noob question: where is stored the wallet data? On your server, or on the smartphone/tablet?

What are the security implications/advice to secure coins? In cas of hardware issue?

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Like coinbase / localbitcoins or other exchanges, on us. Just remember to keep your password secure, that's it. We plan to make a open source independent wallet in future once the SPV available. (There is no way to let zcash run a cellphone now, think about sending coins require 4G memory...)


That's right for the technical requirements: how do you plan to support (financially) those kind of server ressource (high memory/cpu for each transaction) for free on the long term? There are commissions on transfers of some kind?

Yes, there will be fee for escrow in future but much lower than the existing 1% for market price from localbitcoins or bitcointalk private 3rd party escrows.

Independent code review? Fantastic service, but the day I blindly download and install software accessing private keys is the day I am told to do so by Elvis riding a Unicorn in heels :wink:


Well, yes, open source will also attract hackers but people will feel more comfortable to use an open source wallet since the way of accessing sensitive data, like key, is examined by public.:slight_smile:

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Just upgraded w/ the latest 1.0.0 zcash version. Replace TAZ with ZEC.

You can mine directly into the mobile wallet and trade with other users. Peer to peer and platform automatically escrow protections.

Trust me, this and zcash-win-portable wallet are 100% safe

Sure, though whenever anyone tells me to trust them in a distributed anonymous ecosystem it makes me want to put a nail gun to my head.

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Thanks for your words. We are pleased zcash official team slate us on the 3rd party list:


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Added deposit peding progress

OTC trading available in-app. No escrow fee until 12/31/2016

So it means I can trade ZEC in your APP for FREE???

That sounds nice!

Sure you can. Welcome to try OTC private trading feature.

The ZEC wallet on this app is pretty good, keep trying other features...

1.1.7 on Android updated. Fixed some bugs.


Android 1.1.8
IOS 1.1.5