Way to flash rx580 from ethos or linux

Hi All,

I bought 6 MSI Armor rx580 cards since there are so many good reviews of rx580 performance all over the net. I didn’t realize how much work it is with this cards to get efficiency. I don’t use Windows and mine in ethos so I don’t really see any way to overclock these to efficiency. These are only getting 21 on eth and 275 on zcash in stock form. They do overclock to higher but at much more power so that in the end stock form is most efficient.

Is there any way to flash these using atiflash? How do I make the rom if so? I might just sell these for what I paid, but want to give them one more try first.

Install windows and dont try anything

I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere to keep a separate HDD with windows around just for flashing. Apparently you don’t have to activate windows to do the flashing. I’m a windows noob myself, do you need separate BIOSes for zcash and ETH?