Best Bios/Settings for Zcash & R9 290X GPU's

Hello everyone;

As we all know the older cards are better for ZCash, but pull more power. I was wondering if anyone had any good references/sites to read up on different bios/flashing for my AMD R9 290Xs…

I need to reduce the heat by just a little, but also in terms of wattage save $ without reducing too much Hash.

I have 3 cards and waiting for my 4th…

I currently am getting 320-340 H/Sol with Zcash

personally i just reduce power draw by about 10-15%, that saves a lot of watts and keeps the heat down a tiny tiny bit, still gives a good hashrate

however there are bios flashes out there if you look hard enough… personally not sure if they are good for eth or zcash though.

I think that’s what im going to end up doing, when I lowered the power I only lost about 5 Hash anyway, I might just keep the bios stock since it runs preety well. ill keep looking for an bios but not sure if its really worth the hastle for such a small gain.