All that founders reward and no Windows/Mac/Android/iOS wallets?

Two years after the lauch and we still do not have wallets? I mean we are not all Linux users! Can you please tell the team to stop taking founder’s reward if they cannot even make wallets for us?


If you want to spend other people’s money you should join a stupid authoritarian cult like a government or something.

Atleast government provides us state-backed banks where we can store our money. Zcash foundation has not even given us wallets!

I am Masters in Computer Applications so I probably know much more than you when it comes to computers and programming.

The problem here is that your logic is awfully flawed. The team does not have the time and resources to make official windows wallets which is used by more than 90% of total computer users?

Also, unlike you, I don’t have to pretend to be intelligent. Your logic and intelligence, both are of monkey-level. So, there is no point in arguing with you.


Yes, I’m not a master at the command line and hardly ever will. I fully agree with kdskamal in the presence of problems with the wallet. If the manufacturer is oriented only to Linux (or another), he should first of all state this in LARGE RED CAPITALS in all blogs, websites and so on. And at the moment I have not a functional zcash4win wallet with ZEC stuck there. And I understand no I’m not the assistant

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i agree, a working top notch windows wallet should be priority #1

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It’s a fair point. Many projects are going to be judged on usability, and user-specific options that suit individual needs and the platforms that they use. if that’s not happening, ergo adoption will not. I see other communities taking action to develop better tools, I’d imagine Zcash would want the same, if it wants to stay relevant.

Personally, I’m not a Windows or Linux user, but that’s not the issue.

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I agree. Also at this stage, programming for multiple wallets will consume significant resources and increase the surface area for various attacks which could result in bad publicity for the project. Consider the Linux requirement an entry test.

Now that’s some solid laughter right there.

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