What forums parts are posts auto moderated in?


I just tried posting a couple of replies in the ZDA area, two different threads, and both (say the same thing) but have been held for moderation.

I havent seen this implemented here before. what areas are auto queued for moderated?
oh, and what are the requirements for posting there?


That sounds like a spambot of sorts like how someone might repeatedly paste a link and it gets matched to itself somewhere else and so auto queued or something

I initially thought the same, or maybe some kind of account restriction. so I did a few test posts.

It was just a config issue, here is the approved post.

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Hi y’all - sorry I missed this post.

When I created the ZDA category, I set it with strict comment settings that required mod-approval for each comment. I changed it to regular comment settings later that day. I followed @Shawn 's suggestion and simply updated the ZDA category description with clearer comment guidelines.

“This category is for ZDA-related interoperability projects. ZDA members and ECC will post updates to their specific projects and initiatives here. Comments should stay on that topic. For more general interoperability conversations, the Community Collaborations or Community Collaborations x Protocol categories are better forums.”

Hope this helps!