What I need to make 100 $ a day?

Hi every one.
I am new to mining and would like to know what GPU card I need to buy and how many , in order to make 100$ a day ?


You need about 54 x RX 480 XFX :slight_smile:

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Yep 52-54 RX 480 and even then profits will drop with difficulty so don’t expect it to stay at $100 a day.

I think that your math is off, pal.

I’m making $50 a day at current price with 26 RX480 so it all depends on the market price.

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I think more that 54 x RX from one RX 480 you get about 150 Sol x 54 = 8100Sol

did you check today’s zec price?

You’re supposed to keep ZEC, not sell it. If it’s not worth keeping, it’s not worth mining.


Around 50-60 x RX 480.
Depends if you will put custom BIOS on it or not.

That’s 100$ per day, without calculating power loss.
Each of those cards would be pulling around 140W from the wall, so around 8,4kWh.
That’s 200kWh per day.
It usually costs between 0,1$ to 0,15$ per kWh, so around 20-30$ per day to pay for your electicity.

Lets say you acctually have 80$ profit per day.

You had to pay 15’000$ just for GPUs alone. For every 7 cards you would also need at least 1200W PSU that goes around 200$ each, so around 1800$ for PSUs, 540$ for motherboards, 540$ for CPUs, 270$ for RAM stick, i don’t know how much money for risers etc …
I guess it would cost you around 20’000$ to get it all up and running.

And then you would be making 80$ profit per day. But that profit keep decreasing.
In just a month it will decrease from 80$ to 40$.

It’s investment that would take years before you get paid back for all the hardware that you bought.

You would also need decent cooling system. 8,5kW going into the room … it would get hot. So you would also need some ACs, that would be using more power.

If I had my own house, car, job and decent life with no money problems (like 40’000$ saved on a bank account), I would spend those 20’000 and invest in that hardware.
There can always be new ZCash that would bring more profit and you could switch to it while prices are high. If you would be running that 60x RX 480 at the begining of Zcash, you would be making like 300$ per day or even more if I’m not mistaken.
So if you would be gast to your currencies, you can always make nice profit.

Worst case scenario: it becomes unprofitable to mine, and you sell your hardware for about half the price. You also mined something in that time, so you wouldn’t loose so much money.

I don’t know mate … if you have 20k $ spare, go for it, and hope for the best outcome! I know I would.


Yes, maybe tomorrow you need more or less.

thanks guys for info.

Now if you are smart you will hold as much zcash as you can and over next couple of years when and if zcash is used to buy goods and price rises like bitcoin your profit will be in the millions

I do agree with that, but beside Bitcoin, which other crypto currency succeed like that?

Yes it is a risk but bitcoin has given exposure to crypto currency and I believe the time is right and user base has grown for another coin to be mass adopted and with zcash z addresses this is just what we have been looking for,if you believe in the tech then hold and if not you can make a small profit now,I have been mining all this year for ether and sold none,i am looking for a big payday and will hold in that hope

get back to October 29

Hence why i stopped mining it :slight_smile:

Let’s say you have cards that are competitive with today’s average miner, and that you keep up with the average miner. With a $200 GPU getting 150 S/s on 25 M S/s network you mined $1.50 yesterday at a cost of about $0.50 in electricity ( 1 watt per S/s). So if yesterday is the future (and it is the estimate of expert miners that it will be at least that bad as is indicated by what they did yesterday) and you have to sell your GPUs at half price in a year to keep up with other miners, you need $60,000 to buy 200 GPUs and the supported hardware to make $100 a day. It would be a great investment if there were no work or risk involved, 50% return per year. It does not matter if the Zcash price goes up or down, or that the ramp is not finished. Miners will quickly adapt to maintain this level of profitability.

I need to correct you on few things:

  1. With a custom Bios ROM you can achieve 90watts per RX480. I just optimized my amd rig and it uses that per card.

  2. At the very beginning of Zcash and I mean very very (like the first 8-12 hours) profit was unrealistic. I made USD 600 for like 10 hours with just 6 x GTX 1060 :slight_smile: