Is GPU mining worth it?

I let my GPU and 6 threads from CPU run overnight and I made 0,0004 Zcash. That’s like 0,04$ if I’m not mistaken.
I’m using GTX 1070 and i7 4790k.

Downloaded “”
from here: Releases · nicehash/nheqminer · GitHub

Then I made .bat file with this in it: nheqminer_zcash.exe -l eu -u t1ZQLKLXDc4mYBAuBwbKy5B4PjaVYmmSiME.S1 -t 6 -cd 0

My GPU was at 100% load and my CPU at around 90% all night. And all I got is 0,04$? That’s hardly even 10 cents per day.

Am I doing something wrong?

yes, you are definately doing smth wrong. How much sol/sek is nheqminer showing you? post a screen or smth

what do you expect? 100 dollars? 0.0004 currently like ±4 dollars, soon it will be less worth then a dollar after the ZEC course has adapted…

I get around 38 sols/s. Can’t share screen right now because I’m at work, and my PC is at home. Forgot to set teamviewer access or something.

I didn’t expect 100$, but I heard from someone that he is earning more than 12$ per day for single 7950 GPU.
And I see that single Zcash (ZEC) is worth around 900-1000$.

So 0,0004 * 1000$ = 0,4$. So my mistake, it’s not 0,04$, but 0,4$.
At least I think so.

My GPU is pulling 120W from the wall, so it costs me around 3kWh * 0,1€ = 0,30€ per day.
And if I get like 1,2$ and the end of the day, it’s less that 1 dollar profit per day.

I was hoping on at least 5€ profit per day if nothing else.

sorry made a misstake in my calculation. You should get more then 0.0004…

Yeah I think so too.
If there would be acctually only 1$ profit per day for single GTX 1070, who would be still mining?

Not sure what I’m doing wrong :\

Its 30 bucks a day for a 3k system (400w system)

May I ask what’s a 3k system?
Like PC that is worth 3000$ or something?

Do you maybe know what’s best GPU to mine with? Best performance to money ratio.

My builds i sell for 3k are;

6x RX 470 8GB
H81 Pro BTC
1000W power supply (gold)

running with official win 10 licence and are plug-and-play

Doing 160sols

We are waiting for somebody to release his zcash software before we are going to sell

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So single RX 470 is giving around 26-27 sols/s?
That sounds like pretty good value.

RX 470 costs 220€.
Power usage is 120W. Price for kWh is 0,1€.
So 0,3€ power cost per day.

6 of them can get 30$ per day, which is 27€. So single card should be around 4,5€ per day.
Acctual profit is around 4€ per day.

So I get money back for my investment in 55 days, and after that I get pure profit of 4€ per day.

Doesn’t sounds so bad :slight_smile:
But I guess it will be always harder to get money from it.

There is a big difference now between the RX 470

MSI RX 470 8GB does ± 23/s (average 20/s because it now crashes sometimes)
Sapphire RX 470 8GB does ± 30/s (average 28/s and not crashing)

6x MSI running 1080/1750 uses 500W
6x Sapphire running stock uses 730W

RX 470 does not cost 220€ it costs 250-270€ (depending on your vat)

Well I just found Sapphire Nitro RX 470 8GB version for 236€ on mindfactory. Including taxes.
Do you maybe know how much sols/s does 4GB version make?

Yeah mindfactory dont have 100pcs in stock, there the cheapest around now.

4GB does 20/s

True, but I’m not looking to buy 100 of those GPUs xD
Can’t afford big spending right now.
I Have GTX 1070 in my system and one free PCI-e slot, so I’m thinking if I should invest in one more GPU just for mining 24/7.
My PSU is more than capable of powering 2 GPUs, just not 100% sure if I can use GTX 1070 and RX 470 on same motherboard at the same time.

And from what I heard, it will be always less profit. Right now you can make 30$ with your build, but after few months only like 10$ per day. At least that what I was told.

WIth ~35 SOl/s in the last 24 hours you should of earned around $5

<I let my GPU and 6 threads from CPU run overnight and I made 0,0004 Zcash. That’s like 0,04$ if I’m not mistaken.>

with 38 sols/s you must expect over 0.006 ZEC/day and growing …
1 block gives around 2.07 ZECs …wihtih 30 days will be 12.5 ZECs, that means 6 times the amount you are getting right now…which is, 0.036 ZECs/day.
These are good news, however, bad new is price of the ZEC will go down, who knows till where…


I disagree. First, the reward will be 10 zec. Because the rest 2.5 is “I’m genius tax”
Second, this much simplification cannot be done. Who knows what will be difficulty after slow start phase. It’ll increase many fold certainty. So your net income will be much less than that.

well I also noticed that ZEC is worth 35% less each day.
So even if I will be able to increase my sol/s rate, I still won’t be getting that much money. If anything at all.
Right now my GTX 1070 is making around 32 sol/s and that is 1,5€ per day.
That GPU is rated to 150W usage, but with my monitoring software it’s acctually pulling 100W. Still that’s 0,36€ for electricity per day.
So my profit right now is just a bit more than 1€ per day.

And ZEC is still dropping, so soon, there won’t be any point to use GPU for mining.
Unless they optimise my GPU to be working at 100 sol/s, but even then it won’t be such a nice profit because price is droping like crazy.

Maybe ASCI miners will take over.

1 week ago when I first heard about this Zcash and tried it, I was making more than 15€ per day and I was so happy, but those dreams died, and to be honest, I’m not sure what future will Zcash hold.

Like 99% of alt coins it will probably die :wink: