What is sol/s ? how do i convert sol/s to hashrate?

Hey guys I am new to zcash. I have mined ethereum so i am familiar with mining and cryptocurrency technology. In ZCASH i have discovered everybody is addressing their mining rate my the keyword “sols/s”. in ethereum if i have to plan my ROI i would calculate the hashrate of all GPUs so that i know which one will give me how much profit but in zcash everyone is writing "my xxx GPU is making xx sol/s.

how do i convert this sol/s in hashes? because calculators like Zcash Mining Calculator - ZEC Mining Calculator - CoinWarz calculates in hashrate not in sol/s.

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Generally Sol/s is used to mean H/s so just plug in your Sol/s value into the calculator.

There is a much more detailed answer here though Whats is more important... H/S or SOL/s? - #3 by Optiminer and another one here Difference Between Hashes vs Solutions? - #6 by str4d

I don’t get it. if sol/s is exactly same as H/S then why the H/s is different then sol/s ? there is a screenshot in the link you mentioned it has 11 H/s and 5 sol/s.

And if sol/s is equal to H/s then RX 480 is getting 18 sol/s thats equal to 18 H/s and if i join 12 RX 480 I’ll get 216 H/s by this hashrate i only make $27.44 per month !! thats a huge loss ! i won’t even be getting my investment back in a year.
please explain

No RX 480 is getting much more, like 220-250 S/s per card, so 12 RX 480 = 2640-3000 S/s

I’ve seen in many forums everybody is mentioning their RX 480 is making around 18-25 sol/s what is this issue then?

and which RX 480 are you talking about @Rastamany how many gb? which brnad? xfx or sapphire or what ?

If possible give me that GPUS’s link

look here:
or here:


Thank You so much @Rastamany you have helped me alot. All my doubts got cleared but a new doubt has rised in mu head. the link you gave “miningspeed.com” in that website many people have mentioned their hashrate in MH/s.
One person has mentioned he is getting 190 MH/s on RX 480. This is really confusing me you have RX 480 gets around 220-250 H/s then how come that person is getting 190 MH/s ?


Proudminer Tools has changed URL, now it’s here:

Have fun!