Need help understanding H/s vs MH/s

Hi everyone

I am very new to the mining world but I am finding it very interesting and trying to learn as much as I can.

One of the major confusing issues for me is the hashrate.
On the Zcash flypool server I’m mining on, the main dashboard for overall miners etc shows people mining at MH/s. When I read forums everyone posts their hashrates as MH/s. But when I look on my personal dashboard on flypool it shows my rate at H/s.

So it feels like I am mining waaay slower than everyone else. If someone could help clarify that for me I would be most grateful.

Thanks so much.


MH/s is basically 1,000 of an H/s so if your H/s is 1200H/s it will translate oughly 1.2MH/s

[Moderation edit by @daira: the above is incorrect. M stands for 1000000, not 1000.]

Hope this helps

Usually people express in Mh/s for ethereum’s hashrate.

In ZCash we usally express hashrate in Sol/s (solutions per second) and some prefer calling it H/s (hashes per second).

The overall mining hashrate is expressed in Mh/s. If expressed in Sol/s(or H/s) it would print a very long number.

1000H = 1K
1000K = 1M

ahh yes i totaly forgot about the KH/s

can i use zotac geforce gt 730 4gb to mine zcash?
if so how can i do that?

I’m not familliar with this card but I think it should be able.

If I was you I would download nicehash miner and benchmark the card to see witch algoryhtm is best to mine (nicehash miner is very user friendly).

Hi guys

Thanks for the replies.

I am very new to mining, I only have a simple gaming rig with an nVidia 1050 Ti 4gb card.
After some research, I determined that Zcash would be my best bet for mining.
I get about 180 Sol/s. But when I view my dashboard on flypool it shows my hashrate as 160.0 H/s.
Whereas every forum I go to people are posting rates of 15 - 20 MH/s? That’s 15000 H/s compared to my 160 H/s? How is this possible when I see people posting the same Sol/s rates as me with the same card.

Sorry, just really confused over here.


You missed where John said in the Zcash forums the speed/ performance of the gpu is usually posted as H/s. MH is usually set for those mining ETH and a few other coins.

There will always be a difference in what you see on your miner and the pool you are mining on. Latency, rejected shares, the internet of things, you are not being cheated out of anything, its normal.

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